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  Canvas Printing & Stretching

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Stretched canvas prints are a great looking modern way to display an image on a wall, in the home, office or retail environment

Why Choose Hayman Creative for your Canvas Printing and Stretching?

1. We print AND make the stretcher bars here on-site in Nottingham, ensuring high standards and a fast service at all times.
2. We use a high grade poly-cotton canvas which is the ideal blend to reproduce vibrant and accurate colours.
3. You are not limited to pre-set sizes. All our stretched canvas’s are made-to-measure. The price list below is for guidance, but we can make a canvas to any shape or size.
4. We will suggest and supply the best type of fixing depending on the size of canvas and type of wall it is being hung or fixed to.
5. We take pride in our high quality printing and will colour profile and correct your image (if you would like us to). We will always aim to get the very best results from your images.
6. Local commercial fitting service available.

Choose from a 15mm, 28mm or 40mm deep canvas.

The stretched canvas’s here are shown with the image wrapped around the sides. You can choose this option, or have your image mirrored on the sides, or just leave the sides white or coloured to match your interior decor.

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Canvas images can be hung individually, or as shown in this example, hung in a set of three to create a modern contemporary effect.
Below: A really vibrant Stretched Canvas - printed using our Canon 12-colour large format printer.
canvas stretching nottingham

Below: A contemporary framed canvas print.

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Above: A set of replica paintings, printed on canvas and framed. Produced for and on display at Wollaton Hall.
As well as printing on to the canvas, we custom make the stretcher frames in-house here in Nottingham.
We specially select the wood for the frames so that no matter how big the frame gets it won’t warp over time.
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Stretched Canvas Price List

Square Canvas


Two or More

8” x 8”
200mm x 200mm



10” x 10”
250mm x 250mm



12” x 12”
300mm x 300mm



14” x 14”
350mm x 350mm



16” x 16”
400mm x 400mm



20” x 20”
500mm x 500mm



30” x 30”
760mm x 760mm



40” x 40”
1000mm x 1000mm



Rectangular Canvas


Two or More

8” x 12”
200mm x 250mm



10” x 14”
250mm x 350mm



12” x 16”
300mm x 400mm



16” x 20”
400mm x 500mm



20” x 30”
500mm x 760mm



24” x 35”
610mm x 910mm



30” x 40”
760mm x 1016mm



36” x 48”
910mm x 1220mm



50” x 30”
1270mm x 760mm



50” x 38”
1270mm x 965mm



Panoramic Canvas


Two or More

10” x 20”
250mm x 500mm



16” x 32”
400mm x 800mm



24 x 48”
610mm x 1220mm



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