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General Guidelines:

For traditional dissertation and thesis printing most students use Microsoft Word for their page layouts. 
For more creative, colourfull and bespoke books of non-standard sizes we recommend using Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher for your page layouts. We do however understand that due to the cost of this software, this might not be an option and so we can accept other formats such as Microsoft Publisher and Apple Pages. Whatever software you use the following general guidelines apply... When you are ready to get your work printed - we recommend AND prefer you to save the finished work as a multi page PDF file. This locks everything in place and embeds any linked graphics and fonts. Once you have generated the PDF and importantly checked it’s OK, you can then let us have it for printing.

NOTE: If for whatever reason cannot generate a PDF file - we will need to receive either: 1. your Word Document and any special fonts you have used, or 2. all your InDesign files, fonts and all your linked images etc. In this instance it is simpler to ‘Package’ your files. Please refer to the InDesign help guide on doing this! We are a modern printer and like to work in millimetres (not inches), therefore, when you bring us your file please let us know the size in millimetres so we can allocate the correct size paper to your job. 
Normal paper sizes are: A4 (210x297mm), A3 (297x420mm) and oversize SRA3 (320x450mm).

When designing your book for us to print & bind take the following example into account:

Example book size: 210mm x 210mm with full bleed (edge to edge) printing... Most printers cannot print to the very edge of a sheet of paper and therefore have to use oversize paper and trim off the excess afterwards. Therefore, in this example of a 210mm x 210mm full bleed book, it will have to be printed on A3 sized paper (not A4) and trimmed down afterwards. A3 paper & printing is more expensive than A4 therefore the overall cost including trimming will make it more expensive to produce. If the book is NOT full bleed and there is a white border of 5mm or more around the edge - we can print using A4 sheets of paper. The other options to keep the costs down and still have a full bleed book which could be printed using an A4 sheet size, is to design a book that is 200mm x 200mm or 200mm x 210mm.

In the example above, note that the inside margin has been set higher than the outside margins.

NOTE: Bleed is a design & printing term that refers to an allowance (an extra 3mm) added around a document when you want images or graphics to run to the very edge of the page. In Layman’s terms it means making your document slightly larger so we can trim off the extra and as a result your design goes to the very edge of the page. In practise you do not make your page size larger as programs such as InDesign have a Bleed setting in the ‘Document Set-Up’ that adds it on for you (you simply extend your images into this area).

IMPORTANT: When exporting to PDF from InDesign - make sure you tick the box called ‘Use Document Bleed Settings’ - otherwise your PDF will not contain any bleed! (see screenshot below).

Note for InDesign users: When exporting your document as a PDF do not select the ‘spreads’ option as our in-house printing software will sort this out if printed spreads are required. Finally - as a general rule - keep any text, page numbers or other important graphics or diagrams at least 15mm away from the inside page edge and a minimum of 6mm from the outside edges.

Pictured above: make sure you export your PDF with the document bleed setings!

Please see the following examples of how to provide a PDF file with Bleed and Crop Marks correctly...
Stacks Image 9598
This PDF would not be correct - as it has no crop marks and no bleed.
Note: If your artwork has nothing that goes to the very edge - then it would be OK to provide a PDF like this!
Stacks Image 9604
This PDF would not be correct - as it has no bleed and the crop marks are right up against the corners of the artwork
Stacks Image 9611
This PDF would not be correct - the crop marks are now correctly offset from the artwork, but there is still bleed.
Stacks Image 9618
This PDF is now correct - the crop marks are now correctly offset from the artwork and bleed has been added.
Generally, unless you have been instructed otherwise - please add 3mm of bleed and offset the crop marks by the same amount.
Note: not all software gives you the option to specify how much to offset the crop marks. In this instance just ensure they look 'visually' correct.

"RGB or CMYK", that is the question!

CMYK litho printing at Hayman Creative Nottingham
Firstly, RGB is a measurement of light, add them all together and you end up with a pure white light. CMYK, on the other hand, is a measurement of Cyan (blue), Magenta (pink), Yellow and Black. Add them all together and you'll end up with a very deep Black.
Stacks Image 9661
If you look carefully at the colour comparison chart, you will see that there are some RGB colours that cannot be reproduced and printed in CMYK colours, used in most commercial printing presses. These colours may look fantastic on your RGB monitor, but will look flatter when printed, as the colours are 'squashed' in to the CMYK colour range.
If we receive artwork and images in their native RGB colours, somewhere in the printing process, the colours get translated to CMYK colours that are used in full colour printing on the press. If you can convert your artwork to CMYK before giving us your files - it just means you take control over how the files will look once printed - with no unexpected surprises!

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