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Making a Booking:

Can I make an advanced booking to guarantee my work gets printed on time?

Answer: Yes, and you will get priority over those that have not made a booking. To make a booking email us with your preferred date and requirements.

What happens if I’ve not finished my work by the day of my booking?
Answer: We will try very hard to accommodate you. Try to let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule your booking.

Can I choose the type of paper for my book or poster etc?
Answer: Yes, being a commercial printer - we have a fantastic range. You are welcome to come down anytime and have a look through our swatch books on our front counter. We have two ranges - one for small format printing such as books and dissertations etc and the other range is for large format poster & photographic printing. If you have a tight deadline - it’s worth choosing your paper ahead of time so that we can ensure we have enough stock for you.

Can I email you my files for printing?
Answer: We prefer you to come to our shop in person so that we can sit down with you, discuss your requirements and allow you to choose your paper etc. If this is not possible (e.g. you do not live locally or you live overseas), you can email us your files along with ALL your printing and/or bookbinding requirements. We would also need to take the full payment, which we can do by debit or credit card over the phone or by BACS payment

I’ve printed my own dissertation are you still happy to bind it for me?
Answer: Yes!

Can my friend or partner collect my work for me?
Answer: Yes, but before anyone leaves our shop we ask them to thoroughly check their work and sign their job record sheet to show that they completely happy with it. So in this scenario - your friend will have to check your work and sign on your behalf.

I’ve just got home with my loverly new book and found I’ve made a spelling mistake on one of the inside pages - can you do anything without having to reprint the whole book?
Answer: It all depends on the type of binding. If your book was wire bound or comb bound we can remove the binding and reprint just the one page and rebind it. For other kinds of binding we have a few techniques and will certainly try!


What happens if there's something wrong with my work?
Answer: We try very hard to get every job looking great first time and to treat everyone with respect. Very rarely something may go wrong and in these circumstances we will do everything we can put it right. We all know how stressful it can get - but we will do our best to resolve the problem and keep you smiling!

My delivery never turned up - what do I do?
Answer: This is very rare as UPS are very reliable. As part of our commitment to you - we always give you the tracking number to keep an eye on your delivery status. If it doesn't turn up - firstly, let us know. We have to give UPS seven business days to investigate. After this time they will credit us if the item is lost. We can then reproduce your job for you or offer you a refund.

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If you still need help with artwork - we offer a graphic design and artwork service and would be happy to offer a quote.

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We provide a National and International UPS delivery service

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