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The way you need to set up your artwork for large format printing is different from the small format printing. The main difference being that we use an RGB workflow, not CMYK used for small format printing.

Our large format printers are capable of producing a much wider colour gamut (range of colours), compared to the small format CMYK printers. Working in RGB is crutial for fine art & photographic reproduction. We standardise on the 'Adobe 1998' RGB colour space, (see the chart below for details).

Resolution ?

Dots per inch (DPI), pixels per inch (PPI), or pixels per cm (PPCM)! Starting with the basics, DPI and PPI are the same. A measurement of how many pixels are in a one inch length of your image . This is more common in the industry than PPCM, so we'll use DPI for the next part…
The resolution you need depends very much on a few factors, such as: 1. how far away you are going to look at your image after it's printed. 2. The kind of image and how much detail it has in it. 3. How big it's going to be printed.
Here are some guidelines factoring in the above criteria:
Fine art, gicleé and photographic work - RGB Workflow:
Minimum 200dpi at the final printed size. Recommended resolution: anything over 300dpi.
Canvas Printing - RGB Workflow:
Minimum 125dpi at the final printed size. Recommended resolution: anything over 200dpi.
Architectural plan drawings - RGB or CMYK Workflow:
Minimum 500dpi at the final printed size. Recommended resolution: anything over 600dpi.
Note: Most plans are 'Vector' based - this is the best method to print them.
Pull-Up Banners, PVC Banners etc: - CMYK Workflow:
Minimum 100dpi at the final printed size. Recommended resolution: anything over 150dpi.
Custom Printed Wall Coverings - RGB or CMYK Workflow:
Minimum 100dpi at the final printed size. Recommended resolution: anything over 125dpi.

Please see the following examples of how to provide an image file for large format printing...

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A high quality RGB JPEG, TIFF, or Photoshop file will be fine for Photographic, Gicleé, Fine Art and Canvas printing.
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A PDF with crop marks and bleed added is the best solution when giving us artwork for posters, pull-up banners, and game boards etc.
Generally, unless you have been instructed otherwise - please add 3mm of bleed and offset the crop marks by the same amount.
Note: not all software gives you the option to specify how much to offset the crop marks. In this instance just ensure they look 'visually' correct.

"RGB or CMYK", that is the question!

CMYK litho printing at Hayman Creative Nottingham
Firstly, RGB is a measurement of light, add them all together and you end up with a pure white light. CMYK, on the other hand, is a measurement of Cyan (blue), Magenta (pink), Yellow and Black. Add them all together and you'll end up with a very deep Black.
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If you look carefully at the colour comparison chart, you will see that the various RGB colours contain a greater/wider range of colours compared to CMYK colours, used in most commercial printing presses. Choosing the correct colour profile is important at the very start of any printing workflow - to help ensure consistent colours are reproduced every time.

A lot of entry level camera's shoot in S-RGB, better cameras often have options to shoot in a wider colour gamut such as Adobe 1998.

If your files are S-RGB we will print in S-RGB to ensure colour accuracy. If you work in Adobe 1998 - we will printing in Adobe 1990 to help achieve stunning results!

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