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  Prototype Game Boards, Packaging & Custom One-Off's

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Using both our skills and the great range of equipment we have - we are able to produce one-off prototypes and bespoke printed items.

Short run board game printing at Hayman Creative Nottingham
Short run printing & gloss laminating of a custom designed games board.
UV Printing on to a big mirror at Hayman Creative Nottingham
We love our Roland U.V. printer! Here we can see it in action printing directly on to an A0 size mirror. Firstly laying down white ink followed by the full colour inks on top.
Prototype Custom Packaging Printing at Hayman Creative Nottingham
Cut-out prototype packaging designs on box board, including machine creasing.
Freestanding Cardboard Cutouts produced at Hayman Creative Nottingham
Freestanding, custom made, life-size Little Big Planet characters made for The National Videogame Arcade.
Life size graphics printed at Hayman Creative Nottingham
One of our more unusual jobs! We printed the graphics that were then bonded to this life size promotional mustard man!
Custom printed Table top graphics printed at Hayman Creative Nottingham
A set of 15 table graphic at Nottingham Castle. Carefully designed to withstand hot pots of tea and coffee stains etc.

For custom printing prices - please get in touch and we will work out a price for you.

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