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  Photographic & Fine Art Giclee Printing Services

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We have four large format printers, all with their unique benefits - allowing us to offer a really great & flexible service
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We produce very high quality photographic, fine art and Giclee quality work using our wide colour gamut printers combined with high grade photographic and fine art papers. We can print artwork and illustrations on a variety of fine art papers and films including canvas, smooth or textured watercolour paper, fabric and light-box film.

These images were both printed and framed in-house - ensuring a high standard of excellence from start to finish.

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Photo courtesy of Sam Appa Photography

Two of our four large format printers use solvent and U.V curable waterproof ink and are highly suited to outdoor requirements. In the recent commission shown below - we printed 30 x A0 size photographic images directly on to 3mm rigid Dibond using our U.V. flatbed printer. The fully waterproof results were them added to the wooden frames you can see in the pictures below for a stunning outside exhibition at Rosliston Forestry Centre, Derbyshire.
outdoor photo printing
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Technical Tip…

If you have a good quality digital camera you may be able to change the colour mode from sRGB to Adobe 1998. This will increase the dynamic colour range and your images may look better on screen if your monitor can support the wider colour range. Also, you will get better results if you are going to get your photographic work printed with us on our Canon large format printer. For more info see our Guidelines Page and download the ICC profile on our Downloads Page.
Barry Hayman, Director

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Our Roland LEJ-640 is a hybrid printer, meaning it can print from rolls of media or directly on to rigid sheets up to 13mm thick.
Equally important - It uses U.V. cured ink which allows it to print straight on to virtually any substrate, including glass, acrylic, wood, metal, plastic, card and fabric. Your creativity is the only limitation!

Our large format scanner can produce high quality, full colour digital scans of both flexible or rigid photographs, artwork, illustrations or paintings.

large format scanning
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