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At our premises ‘Fineprint House’, we offer the best of both types of printing - both lithographic and digital printing. With years of experience in print and the flexibility to offer a great personal service, you can come in, talk to us and make the best choice regarding paper, ink, press and finishing options.
Our Printing Services fall into two categories:
digital printing nottingham
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Typical digital printing includes . . .
Short Run Document & Booklet Printing
Dissertation & Thesis Printing
Short Run Business Cards & Stationery
Short Run Leaflets & Posters
Sticker & Label Printing
Plans & CAD Printing & Duplication
Colour Copying
Document Scanning & Duplication
Typical litho printing includes . . .
Document & Booklet Printing
Business Cards & Stationery
Leaflets & Posters
Sticker & Label Printing
Presentation Folders
NCR Printing
Examples showing the diversity of printing we offer…
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We print a great variety of items - from business cards & stationery, to tickets, leaflets and brochures
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NCR: from simple black & white sets to full colour pads & books with perforating & numbering
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Metalised, brushed aluminium, kiss-cut, self adhesive stickers with rounded corners.
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A great example of a printed and die-cut crash-lock box. It can be left flat packed until ready for use.
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Hard hat clear vinyl stickers. Printed using white and CMYK inks. Shown here being kiss-cut out.
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These sock cards have been printed using really bright Pantone inks, as well as CMYK
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Plastic I.D. cards, printed in full colour on our U.V. printer.
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Short run printing & gloss laminating of a games board.
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Cut-out prototype packaging designs on box board, including machine creasing.
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Paper is measured in ‘gsm’, e.g. copier paper is normally about 80gsm and business cards are typically printed on 400gsm. This is not a measurement of thickness but paper weight. In the example of copier paper - one square metre of paper weighs 80 grams!
By contrast, thicker cards and boards are measured in microns e.g. 500 micron box board or 2000 micron mount board. A micron is 1000th of a milimetre so 500 microns = 0.5mm and 2000 micr
ons = 2mm.
Barry Hayman, Director
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What is NCR paper?
NCR paper is a multiple-part paper form that does not use carbon paper. The ink is adhered to the reverse side of the previous sheet. Originally developed by NCR Corporation and known as "NCR brand, carbonless paper," it has also been called "no carbon required" paper.
It is widely used to create hand written invoices, order pads and delivery notes.
Barry Hayman, Director
scanning nottingham
We offer both small and large format scanning and plan drawing printing & duplication services.
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