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  Student Services

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Our Student Services include:

Printing • Book Binding • Poster Printing • Display & Exhibition Graphics • Picture Framing • Laminating & Mounting

You’ve been working hard to get to this point now let us help you showcase your work. We are here to help and advise in any way we can. Being creative printers we love to work outside the box when we can and create something a little bit special…just let us know your ideas and we’ll see what we can do.
All our printing and binding is done inhouse meaning we have quick turnaround times and expert advice on tap. And if you are in a panic we offer an express service too.
All our services are available to students but to make it easier we’ve detailed the ones students use most below:
Dissertation / Thesis Printing and Binding:
We offer a huge range of options that hopefully suit what you need, however if you like a bit of this one and a bit of that one give us a call a we can create a hybrid option for you.
Perfect Binding:
Our most popular choice due to its full colour covers and flexibility in shape and size that make your work stand out from the crowd.
Outer covers can be up to heavy weight cardstock and there is no limit on the thickness of the document. The size of document can be anything up to A3 landscape or A4 portrait.
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Example 1 - great finishing
This example shows how neatly we trim the books after they have been printed and perfect bound.
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Example 2 - wrapped covers
Here we can see that the artwork for the covers & spine is printed in one piece and wrapped/bound around the inner pages.
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Example 3 - gloss lamination
This example shows how a book will look with gloss laminated covers.
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Example 4 - laser cut cover
This book has a cover that the student had pre laser cut the title. We then printed the inner pages and bound it all together.
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Example 5 - white ink
The covers of this book were printed using white ink on black card.
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Example 6 - digital foiling
This book shows our digital gold foiling on the covers. Unlike traditional methods of foiling - our foiling can contain any graphics & typefaces you wish from a supplied PDF.
Thermal Binding:
Another very popular choice amongst student work as it looks so professional. Covers can be printed in full colour on up to heavier weight card stock. The thermal strips can also be full colour printed and personalised at a small extra cost.
Available in any shape, size and thickness and trimmed to your specific requirements to give the perfect edge finish.
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Trimmed to perfection
This example shows how neatly we trim the books after they’ve been thermal bound.
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Multi colour choices
Thermal binding strips are available in a variety of colours to match the design & branding.
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Printed Covers
A Good example of a thermal bound book with a full colour, matt laminated printed cover.
There are a large choice of spine colours available. We keep some colours in stock, full range ordered upon request. We also keep in stock ‘printable’ thermal strips which can be printed with your own full colour design or branding on it.
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Wire Binding:
The perfect solution for when you want the pages to lay completely flat. All the benefits of full colour printing on the covers but with no limit on the thickness of the covers or inside pages.
Available in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses.
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Example 1 - hard bound covers
This example shows a wire bound book with gloss laminated hard covers.
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Example 2 - mixed size pages
Here we can see the book bound with different size inside pages.
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Example 3 - spreads that open flat
When having your artwork clearly displayed across a completely flat spread - wire binding is the perfect solution.
Comb Binding:
Similar to wire binding but with the benefit of allowing individual pages to be removed and replaced - just in case you spot a mistake after its been bound! Covers can be printed in full colour on card and have a sheet of acetate for additional protection.
Available in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses
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Example 1
Plastic combs are available in a variety of colours.
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Example 2
Comb binding has always been popular for documents such as this.
Traditional Thesis Book Binding:
If your course dictates that you have to stick with the traditional style, we do that too. Covers can be produced with or without foil block lettering on the spine and front cover.
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Saddle Stitched Binding:
Great for when you want the glossy magazine / brochure look. Available with plain or full colour printed covers, this is a soft binding style where the pages are folded and held together with staples.
Available in any shape or size, though limited to a maximum of 30 pages.
magazine binding
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Example 1 - Saddle Stitched Magazine
Thin magazines can be saddle stitched rather than perfect bound. This example shows an A4 sized magazine, printed on 150gsm gloss art paper. It has been printed in full bleed and then trimmed back to the finished size.
Hard Back Case Binding:
This is rather special – gloss or matt laminate with full colour graphic design wrapped across the front, spine and back. It’s the super-daddy of binding.
Available in any custom shape and size up to A3 landscape.
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Canadian Binding:
As above this is a gloss or matt laminate with full colour graphic design wrap… but it has a flexible spine that allows for a wire bound document inside meaning it can lay flat when opened.
Available in any custom shape and size up to A3 landscape.
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Important note: all the prices above are for binding only and will vary slightly depending on your requirements. We can also print your documents subject to an additional cost. Please give us a call or drop us an email if you have any queries and we’ll be happy to help.
Posters, Photographic & Architectural Printing and Wall Coverings:
We have four large format printers and pride ourselves with the quality & speed of our large format printing service. We keep a large selection of papers & films in stock, including; photographic matt, satin & gloss paper, watercolour paper (smooth & textured), lightbox film, clear film, CAD /plan paper, tracing paper, PVC banner, self adhesive white and coloured vinyls and satin & gloss white plastic film.
Our newest Roland printer can also print using white ink and clear varnish ink as well as being able to contour cut - to create custom shape stickers etc.
Below: Two fantastic wall coverings we printed and fitted for NTU students. The wall covering used for both designs was a self adhesive, repositionable fabric. One of the main reasons for using this is that it does not damage the wall in any way when it’s removed!
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Below: Our Roland LEJ-640 is a hybrid printer, meaning it can print from rolls of media or directly on to rigid sheets up to 13mm thick. Equally important - It uses U.V. cured ink which allows it to print straight on to virtually any substrate, including glass, acrylic, wood, metal, plastic, card and fabric. Your creativity is the only limitation!
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Mounting & Laminating
We can mount and laminate on to a variety of substrates, including; foam centred board, foamex, dibond, correx, MDF, acrylic and mount card.
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Foam Centred Board (foam-board)
Foam centered board; cardboard outer sheets with a polystyrene core, making it very light. Typically 5mm thick and used to mount graphics for inside display purposes.
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Dibond; aluminium outer sheets with an acrylic core. 3mm thick and very strong, making it ideal for exterior graphics & signage. Very stable in mixed weather conditions.
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Correx (extruded polypropylene plastic)
Correx; A fluted plastic that is light and rigid. Typically either 5mm or 6mm thick and used by estate agents ‘for sale’ signs! Great for short term signage where budget is important.
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Foamex sheets
A medium density PVC plastic available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 10mm. Can be used for mounting interior and exterior graphics & signage.
Picture Framing
We produce custom made frames to your exact specification, using both standard and non-reflective glass and clear acrylic (if being displayed in a public space).

If you would like to use one of our great services:

Please give us call on 0115 8440122
or email us at
[email protected].

During busy periods we recommend making an advanced booking as this guarantees your work will get printed on time and helps us ensure we have enough stock to meet demand.
Make a Student Booking:
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