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Using our skills and great range of equipment - we can print custom one-off's & short run game boards, playing cards & card games, plastic tokens and game boxes.

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We provide a National and International UPS delivery service

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The following are examples of custom printed game boards and playing cards printed & made by Hayman Creative:

custom game board printed at Hayman Creative
A double folded custom printed, prototype one-off luxury game board.
a custom printed set of playing cards
A few example card from a complete 'one-off' set, printed in full colour on both sides.
  • Optional gloss or matt lamination.
  • Square or rounders corners or die-cut shape.
  • 350gsm silk art board or synthetic tear & waterproof plastic.

We offer a choice of a 'Luxury' or 'Standard' Game Board. We've developed the standard board to be faster and more cost effective to make, (compared to our luxury board).

The differences are that our luxury board has a laminated print and wrapped edges, (as can be seen in the first image below). The standard board has sealed edges, (but not wrapped). The printing quality remains exactly the same for both options.

Luxury Game Boards

Luxury boards are made with a gloss or matt lamainated design on the front face and wrapped edges. The ideal choice as a gift or protoype.
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Here you can see a close-up of one of our luxury custom game boards. It shows the quality and attention to detail of our board making process.

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A great example of a one-off, single folded custom designed game board.

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A really vibrant gloss laminated Big Game Board - measuring 1000mm x 700mm. Made with two folds.

custom printed monopoly board UK

A personalised Monopoly Game Board. Matt laminated with a single fold.

custom made double folded game baord printed by Hayman Creative

Another great example of a one-off, double folded custom designed game board.

More examples to follow soon

Standard Game Boards

Firstly, our printing process and quality is exacly the same as the luxury boards above. The only differences are that we don't laminate these boards and the edges are sealed but not wrapped. You can still choose either a gloss or matt finish. The ideal choice for small production runs.
Short run board game printing at Hayman Creative Nottingham

A standard, custom printed game board with a gloss finish. We produced these as a run of 50.

More examples to follow soon

The following example is a full colour, gloss laminated game box, (base and lid)...

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A custom printed box lid and base.

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This close up shows the gloss laminated, full colour printed lid.

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This shows the full colour box lid.

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Turned upside down, this shows the full colour box base.

Custom Printed Game Board Boxes

We are in the process of updating our website with pricing and options for Gameboard Boxes. In the meantime, if you are interested in a custom made box for your game board, please get in touch.

Note: We can produce custom boxes & lids with the following choices…
1. A black box & lid with no printing.
2. A black box with a full colour printed lid, wrapped on the top and sides.
3. A fully printed box & lid with full colour printing wrapped on both.

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