Excellence in Colour Accuracy and Print Quality...

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Achieving accurate, deep & rich colours is fundementally important when printing fine art and photographic work.

At Hayman Creative we constantly monitor, calibrate and achieve the very best colours every time.

High quality and archival, long lasting prints, are a result of using the right combination of inks and paper...


  • Canon Archival Inks
  • Canon Photographic Papers
  • Innova Acid Free Fine Art Papers

Excellence in Black & White Printing...

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Stunning results with deep blacks and crisp pure whites. We are able to get the very best results using our skilled team and Canon print technology, combined with a great range of photographic and fine art papers.

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Technical Tip…

If you have a good quality digital camera you may be able to change the colour mode from sRGB to Adobe 1998. This will increase the dynamic colour range and your images may look better on screen if your monitor can support the wider colour range. Also, you will get better results if you are going to get your photographic work printed with us on our Canon large format printer. For more info see our Guidelines Page and download the ICC profile on our Downloads Page.
Barry Hayman, Director
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